Vision, Mission & Values


  • South Australia’s leading travel medicine clinic
  • Known for knowledge & value
  • A one-stop shop for travel health concerns

As South Australia’s leading travel health practitioners, we are known for our expert knowledge.  We provide a comprehensive service which meets the travel health needs of our clients, in one place.


Brand Promise

We strive to maintain the highest standards of pre-travel care by educating & empowering our clients to make informed choices and protect their health while travelling.



At Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic, our goal is to help people get the most out of their travelling experiences. Our service philosophy is founded on good sense: we promote awareness of potential health risks; avoidance of avoidable injuries; and prevention of preventable diseases.  We assist travellers aged from 9 months to over 90 years old, making sure the individual needs of each traveller are met – and we have been providing exceptional service to residents and visitors in South Australia for more than 25 years!



These values are fundamental to our business.

They determine the culture of our workplace and our role within the community.


~ Knowledge ~

We take a progressive approach to our field of expertise.  Our staff are conversant with new research and we update our practices regularly to incorporate emergent knowledge.

~ Quality ~

Our sole clinical focus is quality pre-travel care.  We provide our clients with in-depth information and appropriate up-to-date recommendations.  For immediate accessibility, vaccines are kept in stock – under monitored temperature-controlled conditions – to be administered during consultation.  And, we perform daily audits to ensure consistent quality of service.

~ Inclusion ~

We recognise the intrinsic value of our staff, our clients and members of the global community.  We respect each person’s interests and contributions as we engage in sharing knowledge, information and experiences.

~ Enthusiasm ~

We are passionate about what we do and proud of what we accomplish.  We appreciate being able to spend the day meeting interesting people who travel to fascinating places!


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