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If you will be travelling overseas as part of a school trip, you will be given general advice regarding health by your organisers. However, travel health advice can be different for each individual, and what you need may be different to other participants. Your own medical and vaccination history needs to be considered along with how you consider risk – are you a ‘risk taker’ or ‘risk avoider’

Getting sick while on your trip of a lifetime is NOT how you want to remember this opportunity!!!

Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic is the answer to your health concerns. We have a travel doctor, a Nurse Practitioner & other highly trained staff who specialise in travel medicine. You should always include a trip to a travel health expert to ensure you receive the right health advice before leaving. There are many different diseases that you may be exposed to whilst travelling abroad. In order to properly care for your health while away, ensure you receive all the right advice about vaccinations YOU require, travel kits that may be relevant and maybe even malaria medication.

Attending a travel health clinic is also an efficient way to prepare. All vaccines, medications and travel products are available onsite.
Our travel health consultants are very experienced with the administration of vaccines and are very good at managing patients who are scared of needles or needle phobic. They’re experience means the process is quite painless than.

Parents are encouraged to attend the initial consultation with their students as parental consent is necessary before vaccines can be administered.

Contact our clinic to make an appointment – appointments are available Monday to Friday with times available after school but book well in advance.

Information for Organisers

We can help you answer the question “What vaccinations will I need for this trip?”

At Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic, we can help YOU ensure that your participants receive comprehensive medical advice and vaccination coverage to ensure everyone’s health is safeguarded while travelling.

Contact our clinic and provide us with some basic information about the group and planned itinerary. We can then put together a package with general recommendations and other materials to assist you with organisation of your groups’ travel health. However, consultation is necessary to tailor specific individual recommendations according to their medical and vaccination history.

Our Services

Participants will look to you for information and guidance on what might be necessary and how to get this done. The information you provide should be well documented. Ultimately, however, the health of your participants is THEIR responsibility. It is up to them whether they chose to act on that information.

At Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic, we give you a general outline of recommendations for a particular itinerary. Individual recommendations can vary, as different medical histories can necessitate change to recommendations.

Some countries require COMPULSORY vaccination for entry and this differs from those that may be RECOMMENDED for individuals. It is important to understand these differences and receive appropriate advice.

Participants attending the same clinic for consultation with one of our travel health specialists has these advantages:

• As an all-in-one medical centre for travelling abroad we offer a wide range of vaccines which can be administered during initial consultation

• Participants have access to doctors and nurses up-to-date with all current information about the various areas travelled to

• Participants will receive consistent advice on vaccinations, medications and other travel health information

• Due to the experience of our nursing staff the injections will be surprisingly less painful and some preparations can be administered orally

• Consultations allow time for full discussion and answering of questions plus administration of vaccines

• We keep everything on site, vaccines, malaria medications etc., so no prescriptions are necessary – saving time

• We supply appropriate travel kits, mosquito repellent products and other travel items

Provide participants with the information flyer provided to you and recommend they make an appointment with us 6-8 weeks prior to departure. If this time frame is not possible we can still vaccinate for most things even in the last week before departure, so don't think it's too late.


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