Vaccination Prices

We hope to provide you with the best cover and at a competitive cost.
Our aim is for you to stay healthy on your trip!


Prices of medication and vaccinations are variable from place to place and time to time. New products invariably cost more and combination products usually come at a slight discount to the individual items separately.

It is not possible to give a direct quote for your trip over the phone as the consultation process can be complex and various factors influence what recommendations are made specifically for you. These factors include your destination, activities whilst away plus your medical and vaccination history.  The recommendations and their costs will be discussed with you during your consultation so that you can make a decision based on the information you have received and your personal budget.

One can be vaccinated in many different ways. We will assess your situation and adjust the vaccination schedules to achieve the maximum immunity in the time available before you travel and in the least expensive manner. Our staff are trained to calculate this to save you money! We aim to keep our prices very competitive.

There is a private clinic fee, per person, payable at the initial visit for each trip you come to discuss. If you need to come back for vaccinations for the same trip you are not charged this fee again. This fee is not covered by Medicare or private health funds, and is a one-off fee per trip.

If you have private health insurance there are rebates which may be applicable – further reducing the costs to you.


Can I get this done at my GP?

Some other organisations do provide vaccines. They may not know about new vaccines such as the one to help prevent Bali Belly, or about the international shortages of Rabies vaccine. They also may not have access to extensive or up-to-date travel health information to provide you with the most effective advice. In addition, it’s unlikely they can provide all of the vaccines at the time of your appointment and in the one place.

If you wish to use these alternatives we are happy to fill in the gaps but it will mean a lot of running around for you. We hope to provide you with a competitive, ‘one-stop-shop’ for your travel medicine requirements.


Will I get any money back from Medicare/Private Health?

Medicare does cover some of your consultation fees, but not our clinic fee or the vaccines. Please call us on (08) 8362 4144 for more information.

Private health refunds are available on most items over $36. Check with your health fund to find out what you may be covered for. During your consultation we can work out the cheapest way to get you covered!

Some people may have issues when making claims online with their health fund. Therefore, we recommend you either mail in your itemised invoice or take it in personally to your health fund.