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Medical kits may be extremely helpful, especially in countries where there are language barriers, unreliable medical systems and if you are doing an adventure holiday.

The Gastro treatment items are available over the counter, however if you would like to include antibiotics in your kit an appointment is necessary.

To determine which kit is most appropriate for you, discuss at the time of your travel consultation or book a time with one of our travel health professionals.

Recommended Gastro Treatment Items

                Gastrolyte         To keep hydrated + a simple diet

                                            (B.R.A.T = bananas, rice, apple, toast)

                Imodium            To slow things down

                Panadol              For fever &/or discomfort

                Wet Ones           Self explanatory

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Travel Bug Toiletries Bag


These items are available over the counter


In some circumstances an antibiotic maybe recommended

Other Items to Consider

Prescription Items For Special Circumstances

Azithromycin         Rulide

Fasigyn                Stemetil


Insect Repellents

         Bushman            80% DEET        Long Lasting for hot/humid destinations

         Repel Roll-On     30% DEET        For other destinations/sensitive skin 

         Repel Junior       10% DEET        For children/sensitive skin  

         Repel Era            20% Picardin    If allergic to DEET     

         Permethrin         For clothing/bedding if you're a mosquito magnet



Maxi Kit $100

Save $27


The Maxi Kit goes that little bit further.  If you are doing extensive travelling, through undeveloped countries then this kit is worth considering.

Again, consultation is necessary to purchase this kit as it contains presciption medications.

Super Kit $160

Save $37


The Super Kit covers all bases. This kit has all of the basic items but include a variety of antibiotics and other essential "travel kit" items.

Call our reception to enquire about an appointment to discuss which kit is best suited to you.


Terms and Conditions

Please contact Travel Bug to make an appointment if you have any questions about specific medications.