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We are located at 64a Fullarton Road Norwood and have ample onsite parking


Our receptionists can only provide general information about what services we provide and assist you in booking an appointment. Vaccination recommendations can only be given by one of our travel health specialists during a consultation at our clinic.


Due to the impact of COVID-19, our hours for consultation have been significantly reduced.  See ‘When to book’ below for these hours.

Hours for consultation have temporarily changed:

Tuesday 1:30pm to 5:30pm - for all general & travel vaccinations

Friday 10:00am to 2:30pm - a dedicated COVID Vaccination clinic

Our objective is to give parents instruction and ideas, to allow your child or children to be given the best chance to cope on the day of their procedure. Creative use of language can ensure that ‘scary’ words can be reframed to let the young minds be reassured that they will be kept safe and comfortable; this can also affect the rest of their lives having created a positive experience/memory. We have found ‘telling’ the brain what feeling it can feel, using calm or creative wording, is better than suggesting it will be ‘like a bee sting’ (no one wants to be stung by a bee). Children are allowed to cry, they are allowed to be fearful, what they need to do is listen and we can help them be calm. Suggesting that your child be brave, or ‘be a man’, or it won’t hurt equally are not helpful.

Before coming in:

  • Remind your child that the health care professionals taking care of them are trained in what they are doing and the travel health visit will be short and easy
  • Refrain from using words to describe the procedure that bring on visual/mental imagery that cause anxiety - for example ‘jab’, ‘needle’ or words to describe the feeling like a ‘bee sting’ or ‘sharp scratch’
  • We prefer to use clean language or reframing words like - ‘we are creating immune memory’ - ‘we need to do this in a sterile manner by giving you a pinch of medicine’ - ‘this will allow your body to fight disease without having the actual disease’

While at the clinic:

  • Be clear in your mind which child is to go first, best if the most anxious goes first
  • If you have 2 or more children, please bring another adult to supervise your child because:
    • We discuss risks and benefits of vaccines with one of the attending adults without the children in the room
    • When we vaccinate, we do so without the other child/children present
    • We reinforce safe travel information with the child/children after the vaccines have been completed

After your visit:

  • Double binding is used - meaning - your child is here for their vaccine, they may be given the choice to sit on the bench or on a parents lap but are committed to be immunised today, then your child must get a positive message from you - if you are being immunised yourself, remain calm and positive, your attitude is also important
  • A reward for allowing the vaccines to be given is recommended
  • An analgesic (paracetamol) can be offered if required

For information about Q Fever and the vaccination process go to our Q Fever page.

If you require Q Fever vaccination go to our Q Fever Clinics page to see when our next Q Fever clinic will be and contact our reception to book in.

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