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Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic is Adelaide's answer to your travel health concerns. We have a travel doctor, a Nurse Practitioner & other specially trained medical staff who specialise in travel medicine. We have Australia's 1st Travel Health Nurse Practitioner consulting at our clinic, & we believe this is the way of the future given current government cutbacks. Travel vaccination advice is our speciality & we are the only purely travel clinic in South Australia! Travel Bug is an internationally recognised travel health clinic offering a large range of vaccines for overseas travel.

Along with your standard preparations, you should always include a trip to a travel health expert to ensure you receive the right travel health advice before leaving. There are many different risks & diseases that you may be exposed to whilst travelling overseas so in order to properly care for your health while away, ensure you receive all the right travel vaccinations and advice.

On appointment, we offer a range of travel vaccination information & precautionary advice.

Comprehensive Travel Health Advice & Vaccination Coverage

The Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic provide comprehensive travel medicine advice, travel vaccination coverage and prepares the overseas traveller for any travel health risks likely to be encountered.

During your travel health consultation, recommendations will be tailored specifically for you & your travel requirements. These are based on your destaintion's risk factors plus your previous medical & vaccination history, this is why consultation is neceesary to ensure accurate & appropriate advice is given by a medically trained professional.


What began as a special interest within a general practice has grown to become a highly successful and nationally recognised authority on the travel health requirements of the overseas traveller. Internationally registered with the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a Yellow Fever clinic, we provide travel health advice, travel vaccinations, Doctors, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners qualified in Travel Medicine (qualifications obtained overseas as no formal qualifications are available in Australia). Testing and treatment for a whole range of exotic diseases can also be arranged.

Our service is applicable to all kinds of travellers, from the business executive, to the private tourist and for those travelling both short and long term. The staff at the Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic possess a broad, detailed range of information and advice for those travelling overseas. Our information is obtained through many sources, including on-line data from the Centre of Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, and the World Health Organisation. Most staff are also widely travelled with all the major destinations covered between the staff members!

To assist us in our quest to keep you well and save you time we have everything available on site. This includes all travel vaccinations, malaria medications, travel diarrhoea medication, insect repellent products and travel kits.

Travel Medicine Alliance (TMA)

The Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic is associated with Australia's premier national organisation of independent travel medicine professionals known as the Travel Medicine Alliance. We have a broad range of travel support products, and access to international travel health databases. This internet database is updated daily, with current information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) as to the current health and political situations in various countries around the world. A nationwide telephone number automatically connects the caller with their nearest TMA affiliated clinic. This number is 1300 42 11 42.

For more information regarding TMA visit their website at www.travelmedicine.com.au


The Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic is operated from 64a Fullarton Road Norwood. Appointments can be arranged within the week, and on short notice. Onsite parking is available.

If you have any questions contact us on (08) 8362 4144.



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