The Q Fever Vaccine

There is an effective vaccine against Q Fever, however it can have significant side effects in persons who have already had Q fever (local abscesses and even Q fever symptoms)
Before vaccination, a person must have three things:

• A blood test
• A skin test
• A detailed history taken

These tests are undertaken to help avoid unwanted vaccine side effects. If one of the tests is positive, it means the subject would probably react badly to the vaccine. Blood test and skin test need to be done on the SAME DAY. Then the person needs to return to Travel-Bug 7 days later to have the skin test read.

If both tests are negative, the person is vaccinated. It then takes about 2 weeks for the vaccine to become effective. This means persons vaccinated should not put themselves at risk (e.g. visit abattoir) for 2 weeks after vaccination.

Each individual would discuss their particular situation at the time of screening. The vaccination is effective, and lasts for life.

People who are vaccinated are placed on the Q Fever Register. This register holds a copy of all the Q Fever vaccination records for those who consent to be on the register. All persons on the register will receive a card documenting their Q Fever status. This card is often requested before entering workplaces where there is a risk of Q Fever. Please do not lose it.

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