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The whooping cough vaccine is in short supply and not readily available in many pharmacies BUT we have it in stock.

Anyone who will have close contact with a newborn baby should be immunised.  This includes fathers, grandparents, carers and any other adult or child who will contact in the early weeks of baby's life.  The vaccine should be administered at least two weeks prior to meeting the newborn.

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Protecting your health should be your #1 priority when preparing to go overseas.

Travel-Bug Vaccination Clinic is Adelaide's answer to your health concerns. We have a travel doctor, a Nurse Practitioner & other trained staff who specialise in travel medicine. We have Australia's 1st Travel Health Nurse Practitioner consulting at our clinic, & we believe this is the way of the future given current government cutbacks. Tourism immunisation advice is our speciality, & we are the only purely travel clinic in South Australia! Travel-Bug is an internationally recognised clinic offering a large range of shots for overseas travel.

Your one stop shop for travel vaccinations, travel kits and health advice

Along with your standard preparations, you should always include a trip to a travel health expert to ensure you receive the right health advice before leaving. There are many different infections, bacteria & diseases that you may be exposed to whilst travelling abroad, in order to properly care for your health while away, ensure you receive all the right vaccinations you require for travelling.

Before you leave receive the right vaccines to travel to your chosen destinations. On appointment, we offer a range of traveller vaccination information & precautionary advice.

Receive all your shots for overseas travel in one location

During your consultation recommendations will be tailored specifically for you & your travel requirements. These are based on your destaintion's risk factors plus your previous medical & vaccination history therefore consultation is neceesary to ensure accurate & appropriate advice.

Based in Adelaide and equipped with experienced staff, our clinic is your all-in-one medical centre for travelling abroad.  Along with offering a wide range of vaccines, you have access to doctors and nurses up-to-date with all current information about the areas you may be travelling to or considering. Visit our clinic to ensure that you have safeguarded yourself from various infections and disease.


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Special Package Deals Available 

Do you want to get the best possible cover for your overseas holiday but are concerned about the cost of vaccinations?

Don't fret! We are now offering special package deals to eligible customers. Check out our vaccination packages and make sure to mention which one you are interested in at the time of your booking.

                    -  Starter/ Starter Plus Package
                    -  Africa/South America 
                    -  Backpacking through Asia 
                    -  8-Day Kokoda Trek
                    -  Cruisin' Package
                    -  Lifetime Package

Speak to a doctor in our vaccination medical centre prior to leaving Australia to find out exactly what you need to travel abroad.


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