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Find out about the travel vaccinations you need to travel safely. 

Book an appointment with one of our travel health specialists six to eight weeks before your trip. This gives the travel vaccines enough time to take effect and allows for subsequent doses, if necessary, in the time leading to your departure.

Based in Adelaide and equipped with experienced and fully trained travel medicine professionals, our clinic is your all-in-one medical centre for travelling overseas.  Along with offering you a wide range of travel vaccinations, you have access to doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses with the most up-to-date travel advice about the areas you may be travelling to or considering. Visit our clinic to ensure that you have safeguarded yourself from various travel related health risks and diseases.

The Hepatitis B Vaccine

is Available at Travel Bug

HB Vax II and Engerix B may be in short supply


We have plenty in stock

Whether you are travelling, need to start the course for work

or uni placement or are due for a booster,

call and book an appointment now. 

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Whooping Cough Vaccine

Available at Travel Bug


Anyone having close contact with a newborn baby should 
be immunised at least two weeks prior to meeting newborn.


This includes father, grandparents, siblings, carers and

any other adult or child who will have contact in the

early weeks of baby's life.



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